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In developing countries majority of the population don’t have enough money to invest in asset classes such as stock exchange, government bonds or bank accounts. For such people, gold proves to be the most valuable financial asset to own. However it is expensive for lower and middle-income population segments to buy physical gold in the denominations typically available in the market.

Thus, Telenor Micro Finance Bank limited offers Easy Sona product that provides an opportunity to invest in gold over a period of time. This way they can hedge against and take advantage of possible hike in gold prices in the future. This product is specifically designed for common investors so that they can conveniently invest in very small sizes of gold. After accumulating certain level of holding, physical delivery can be taken from Exchange.


Benefits and Features:

  • Smaller denominations allow investment in gold as low as PKR 500
  • Safe custody of gold in PMEX’s designated vaults
  • Holdings in electronic form just like equity shares
  • Affordable transaction Costs
  • Guaranteed quality and quantity
  • No hassles of daily mark to market
  • Fast buying and selling on PMEX electronic trading platform

*Terms & Conditions Apply.